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Gospel Light Baptist Church

Little Free Food Pantry 



In partnership with Bear Creek Outdoor Living and Gospel Light Baptist Church in Waynesboro, The Blessing Box was opened for the community in June. This 28''x36'' pantry features three shelves with the invitation of "Take what you need, give when you can". The Blessing Box features a prominent steeple inspired by the steeple up top of Gospel Light Baptist Church. Bear Creek Outdoor Living does a fantastic job designing each and every one of our pantries unique to the location. Cooper Coffey, from Bear Creek, designed and built the steeple. 

The Blessing Box has a mission that no neighbor or community member would go without a meal. If further resources are needed to help stock community members' home pantries, we have a flyer that lists 29 local food pantries and their information on the back.



With all our pantries, we at The Neighbor Bridge strive to steward a place where community members that can and want to give have a place to give, and those that are hungry can grab a meal.


Gospel Light Baptist Church is nestled in a community in between Dooms and Basic City. This community has welcomed The Blessing Box, helping to stock it for their neighbors in need. It was purposefully placed facing Northeast at the front of Gospel Light Baptist Church. This placement will help protect it and it's contents from the weather and the heat of a Virginia summer.

Those wishing to donate food to The Blessing Box can stock the pantry directly. If you have a larger donation or one that is not able to fit in the pantry, please contact us.  

Preserved Food

Become a Little Free Food Pantry Sponsor

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The Gospel Light Baptist Church Blessing Box is currently running sufficiently by the members of Gospel Light and surrounding community. The following locations are in need of weekly sponsors:

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