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Habitat for Humanity Restore
Little Free Food Pantry 



In partnership with Bear Creek Outdoor Living and The Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Staunton, we are very excited to announce the opening of the Habitat for Humanity Little Free Food Pantry in late July 2023. This unique pantry will be designed and crafted by Bear Creek Outdoor Living using 100% recycled material from Bear Creek and the ReStore. This pantry has the continued concept of all our pantries, "Take what you need, give when you can".

This pantry has a mission that no community member or family would go without a meal. If further resources are needed to help stock community members' home pantries, we will have a flyer that lists 29 local food pantries and their information.


We, at The Neighbor Bridge, love to answer why we chose a specific location for our pantries. The Habitat for Humanity ReStore will be our first Staunton pantry and is located on the busy Greenville Avenue. With all our pantries, we are hoping to steward a place where community members that can and want to give have a place to give, and those that are hungry can grab a meal.


The Habitat for Humanity ReStore is just feet away from the Brite Bus route stop. With this bus stop only steps away, community members with transportation barriers will be able to access the pantry. 


Become a Little Free Food Pantry Sponsor

Click here to view three Partnership Options.

All four weeks each month at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore are sponsored. Although these families are dedicated to stocking these weeks, they cannot do it alone. We strongly appreciate and encourage our neighbors around the ReStore to stock the pantry as well when you can. We thank you for your support. 

  • 1st week of each month: The Spurrier Family

  • 2nd week of each month: The Spencer & Windley Families

  • 3rd week of each month: The Barton Family

  • 4th week of each month: The Lantz Family

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