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Choose your Partnership

  • Stocking Partner

    Be a stocker on a local food pantry of your choice. Stocking one designated week out of each month.
    Free Plan
    • Shop or collect food/items one designated week per month
    • Stock the LFP 2-3 times that week (about $100-$125)
    • Report poundage and date to The Neighbor Bridge
  • Collection Partner

    Collect items for pick up once a month in support of a Local Free Food Pantry
    Free Plan
    • Collect or shop for shelf stable food and items
    • We stock and weigh the items for you
    • Option to have items supplied to a specific pantry
  • Funding Partner

    Every month
    This partnership is perfect for busy schedules or those that can't physically shop or stock.
    • Support a week each month at a Little Free Pantry in need.
    • Secure recurring monthly donations for easy access
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