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Staunton Public Library


We, at The Neighbor Bridge, love to answer why we chose a specific location for our pantries. Libraries offer a welcoming place for people of all walks of life. With all our pantries, we are hoping to steward a place where community members that can and want to give have a place to give, and those that are hungry can grab a meal.

Our seventh and final pantry of our Little Free Food pantry was opened in May 2024 at the Staunton City Library. Zack and the Bear Creek Outdoor Living team did a phenomenal job building tis beautiful pantry for the residents of Staunton city. This pantry's ribbon cutting and opening was on May 3, 2024 and is completely dedicated to food with the concept for neighbors to "Take what you need, give when you can".

This pantry has a mission that no community member or family would go without a meal. If further resources are needed to help stock community members' home pantries, we have a flyer that lists all local food pantries and their information on the back.



Those wishing to donate food or supplies to the Little Free Food Pantry can stock the pantry directly. If you have a larger donation or one that is not able to fit in the pantry, please contact us or drop your donation in the box located in the lobby of the library.

Canned Food in Boxes

Become a Little Free Food Pantry Sponsor

Click here to view three Partnership Options.

All four weeks are still open for sponsorship to the Waynesboro Public Library Little Free Food Pantry:

  • 1st week of each month: available

  • 2nd week of each month: available

  • 3rd week of each month: available

  • 4th week of each month: available

Anyone can put food in the pantries, you do not have to have to be a partner to contribute. Our scheduled partners make a HUGE difference in our pantry by stocking it either in person or by donation regularly each month.

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