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Thanks-gifting Project Facts 

​We compiled this list of facts from commonly asked questions about our Thanks-gifting project. If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

  • We strive to provide 100 families with a Thanksgiving meal each year

  • We depend on donations from people of the community and a couple businesses

  • We do not cook the meals, we give families the ingredients so that they can spend Thanksgiving cooking their meal at home with family creating memories.

  • Meals consist of a turkey, stuffing, celery, carrots, butter, rolls, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, pumpkin pie, and whipped cream (of course). We also like to provide a kitchen towel or pot holder. Some years we have been able to provide candy canes and cookies, but this depends on donations.

  • Each family is contacted and spoken with about their family needs and situation by either Chaz or Trisha. People are struggling with loss, illnesses, and devastating financial blows; however, we hear of strength, love, and determination too. Any amount of funds raised over our food purchase needs is used to purchase winter jackets and other needs for the children (ex: diapers, wipes, additional food). Families do not ask for extra items. If we do not raise enough funds, we cannot provide any additional help.

  • Families are chosen on a first-come bases and signed up; however, we gather these names from different sources. For example, we may get a certain percentage from Medical Case Managers, Community Health Workers, school teachers and counselors, and social media. We speak to every family before reserving their meal, giving them individual instruction.

  • Meals are given out the Saturday before Thanksgiving to the families that are signed up. This gives the turkey time to thaw out.

  • We cannot guarantee any additional items beyond the Thanksgiving meal. We try, but it all depends on donations. 

  • We do not reserve meals before November 1st each year. This keeps our process more streamlined and on track. 

  • Meals need to be reserved by the families receiving them. No reservations for others can be taken. 

Let's Work Together

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